Timeless Truth for Truth-less Times

Tired of the lies and the lying that seems to be everywhere?

Yeah, us too. That is why our foundation is in the Timeless Truth of our Creator founded in his words – aka the Bible.

We like to call it “The Linking Book” because it crosses that boundary from the unseen world around us to the seen world we live in. This Linking Book makes the unseen visible to us.

This book, the Bible, is put together in a way that God does not intend his word to be sliced and diced, divided up into different portions like pushing it through a kitchen gadget. This is one revelation from cover to cover which is why we call it The Wholly Bible.

We are all faced with our own decisions about this book, however Bound2TRUTH is the opposite of those who say “I am a New Covenant believer, I don’t need the Old Testament.” While even leaders in America say things like the 10 commandments have no place in the life of someone who believes in Jesus, we rather believe in the Jesus who says (among so many other things):

“Do not suppose that I came to throw down the Law or the prophets—I did not come to throw down, but to fulfill;
for truly I say to you, until the heaven and the earth may pass away, one iota or one tittle may not pass away from the Law, until all may come to pass. Therefore whoever may loose one of these commands—the least—and may teach men so, he will be called least in the kingdom of the heavens, but whoever may do and may teach [them], he will be called great in the kingdom of the heavens. For I say to you that if your righteousness may not abound above that of the scribes and Pharisees, you may not enter into the kingdom of the heavens.”
Mat 5:17-20 LSV

Did you hear that?

Keeping the commandments is not the foundation for inclusion in the Kingdom. Both the one who loosens one of the commandments and the one who keeps them are in the kingdom. But – and this is huge – whoever may do and may teach them will be called great in the kingdom of heaven. Do you want to be great in the kingdom? Then do not loosen them and be called least in this kingdom.

This is the same Jesus who also said:

“My teaching is not Mine, but His who sent Me; if anyone may will to do His will, he will know concerning the teaching, whether it is of God, or—[if] I speak from Myself.” Joh 7:16-17 LSV

If you love Me, keep My commands,” Jon 14:15, in essence repeating his Father’s words for he also said:

“I and the Father are one.” Joh 10:30

From the first page of Genesis the the last page of Revelation, the Bible is centered on Jesus Christ. From the beginning of his life on earth, to end of His life, he was living in conformity to the Torah (Hebrew “instruction”) of God. And from beginning to end the Biblical ethic of imitating Christ calls us to imitate him, and by imitating him, we are called to likewise obey every command of God’s word.

The one who says that he abides in him must live the same way he himself lived.” 1 John 2:6 ISV If we imitate him we will live just like he lived and although the outward may look like the “Old Testament” we are gifted with the indwelling of the Spirit of God, and the New Covenant promise which wrote those commands on our hearts.

“Instead, this is the covenant I will make with the house of Israel after those days” — the LORD’s declaration. “I will put my teaching (Heb. Torah) within them and write it on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be my people.” Jer 31:33 CSB

If you have the teaching or Torah (typically translated “law”) written on your heart, how can you say it is done away with, no longer applies or any other reason not to obey the Father? And, since God’s word is eternal, the terms “old” and “new” do not apply to these words. They apply to our relationship with these words.

These words are Timeless Truths that we can rely on during these Truthless Times because they will never change – at least as long as heaven and earth are still here. Have you looked lately to see if they still stand? If yes, then so does the Wholly Bible.