Resisting with the Law of God, Redeeming with the Gospel of God

We dont like the word “evil.” As a culture, we will do everything we can to remove the concept of evil from our lives. It seems to us to be too judgmental.

There are many reasons, and here is one.

If we acknowledge evil, we then must acknowledge good. And if we assent to good and evil, that means there has to be a right and a wrong.

When we do that we lose “my good is my good and your good is your good” and we find ourselves face to face with the God who created us. Then we will do anything we can to avoid that confrontation, even if it means living in a fairy land and spreading pixie dust everywhere we go.

We will substitute anything in place of evil if we can.

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) published the first Diagnostic and Statistical Manual or DSM-I in 1952. As published, homosexuality was classified as a sexual deviation within the section regarding personality disorders. They have since led the way in removing this evil from our culture, first calling it a deviation, then a disorder or illness and then curing that illness through a vote completely removing it from their manual.

When the APA released the DSM-II in 1968, homosexuality, fetishism, pedophilia, transvestitism, exhibitionism, voyeurism, sadism, masochism, other sexual deviations and an unspecified sexual deviation were all listed separately under ten different diagnostic codes.

Then, in 1974 in the seventh printing of the DSM-II, homosexuality was renamed a “sexual orientation disturbance.” This was defined as “individuals whose sexual interests are directed primarily toward people of the same sex and who are either disturbed by, in conflict with, or wish to change their sexual orientation.” Here in Colorado, it is now illegal to help someone who wants to change their sexual orientation if you are a licensed professional. Legally, all you can do is be supportive of their transgenderism, no underlying wanting to change allowed.

This was not the result of significant research, clinical trials of counseling theories, medical analysis or anything that could be considered at all scientific. It was the result of pressure from early gay rights activists which culminated in a series of revisions until the release of the DSM-5 where there is no diagnostic category that can be applied to people based on their sexual orientation. For a well documented history please read Making Us Crazy: DSM: The Psychiatric Bible and the Creation of Mental Disorders by by Herb Kutchins, Stuart A. Kirk , owners of a vault of bibliography demonstrating this and other facts about the foundation of voting diagnoses in or out.

What has come about is not discovery through rigorous scientific research, but the result of a referendum and a simple yes or no, up-down vote. It was highly political just as the whole of the DSM system of classification of what is and is not an illness is structured on its baseline political system inherent in the entire APA structure. Science? No. Politics? Yes!

The APA has copyrighted their draft criteria so that this cannot be touched or investigated. They have also copyrighted their website, and to use anything from there you must ask their permission. They own the DSM, they sell it, they license it and it was entirely created by a group of committees in a highly bureaucratic process. And now they are in charge of our culture, profiteering off of other people’s pain.

Nearly 1/3 of their annual budget comes directly from Big Pharma (the other BP mega industry, not the oil company) as advertising and funding for conventions, conferences, symposia and other similar events. This does not include paying psychiatrists as much as $3000 per incidence for a lecture that is industry sponsored and markets a particular medication to doctors. And the investment of psychiatrists into the development of medication for the ill, going off of diagnoses they themselves have created, brings in a whole other funding stream.

That makes the APA an ultimate power broker in American culture. To get a drug considered by the FDA, it must be tied to a diagnosis invented by the APA. You can’t just make a new pharmaceutical for anxiety, it has to be tied to an anxiety diagnosis approved by the APA. Thus Big Pharma and the APA are tied financially, and that is big money.

Today our children, tied in with the public school system, are managed with a host of medication. They are growing up in a world where antidepressants, drugs for ADHD and autism (invented by the APA) and other “illnesses” are treated with chemical concoctions developed by Big Pharma with the APA. They have and are coming of age in a world where it has never not been about diagnosing and drugging.

And no one knows which of these diagnoses will be voted out in future renditions of the DSM.

Now we link together the schools (how many elementary school teachers have drug managed children in their classrooms?), the medical professions (you dont have to be a psychiatrist to prescribe psychiatric medication), American psychiatry (the APA) and Big Pharma.

In 2021, the U.S. pharmaceutical industry earned $550 Billion in revenue and Americans spent $576.9 billion on medicine. The top companies by revenue in 2021 were Pfizer, Roche, AbbVie, Novartis, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi, AstraZeneca, Takeda, Eli Lilly, Bayer and Gilead Sciences. The history of these companies is fascinating, and we will tackle that later. In 2022, Pfizer alone had revenues of $100.3 billion.

This is the Medical Industrial Complex and it is astronomically huge and this is the list of key players, starting with our public schools where no one knows what “gender” they are any more.

Now the Medical Industrial Complex is frantically busy as they sexualize, corrupt and brainwash our very precious children with toxic ideologies that weren’t even in our vocabulary two decades ago. They hide their “transgender” grooming from parents, and even pass laws – most recently Minnesota – to create safe havens for transgender children, now going in for treatment at 4 years of age. They groom them like any other set of sex trafficking professionals, and now launch them into undergoing radical surgeries, such as double mastectomies and castration, all in a desperate and impossible effort to “change genders.” And the revenues are huge as first children, and then older as they grow to adults are reduced to salable parts through the marketing of an impossible delusion and making medication dependent customers for a lifetime.

Physical material reality cannot be altered at will or voted out by the APA, although they believe it can.

Until its most recent edition, the APA “diagnostic bible” or the DSM system including the DSM-IV-TR Revision carried this statement: the term mental disorder unfortunately implies a distinction between “mental” disorders and “physical” disorders that is a reductionistic anachronism of mind/body dualism. A compelling literature documents that there is much “physical” in “mental” disorders and much “mental” in “physical” disorders. The problem raised by the term “mental” disorders has been much clearer than its solution, and, unfortunately, the term persists in the title of DSM-IV because we have not found an appropriate substitute. (p. xxx)

Translated into English this statement is their declaration of monism – their belief that all that exists is physical in nature. Reductionist? That means they are simplifying this for us because it is complicated, and well we are just not educated enough to understand. Anachronistic? Been to a Renaissance Festival? They are produced by the Society for Creative Anachronism, as something belonging or appropriate to a period other than that in which it exists, especially a thing that is conspicuously old-fashioned. Mid body dualism? Not a chance. Brain secretions only? Welcome to the APA!

If you believe there is a god, it is because your brain chemistry is secreting the combination of chemicals that tell you there is a god. Feel depressed? It is your gland you call “brain” that is secreting depression and to change that, we need to change your secretions. Thus the threshold of medicating for everything. And so if you have a problem, we can now put you into a Mental Health Court (yes they are real, and in Texas for example, are far reaching) and have judge order that your secretions are changed. Believe you have a soul and a spirit? According to the APA you need to thank your secretions, because they are telling you that. But be mindful, we are looking for a way to change that too.

If you believe the Bible is more than just ancient stories and the actual revelation of the True and Living God, you know that their reality is an imagined unreality. For a decade I attempted to debate psychiatrists about the following statement with a $1000 reward to debate. No takers in ten years. Why? The debate point was this: “How do you know your brain was secreting correctly when you created that way of thinking?”

No. In the Real Reality anchored in the revelation of the Real God – the Bible and not the DSM – your “gender identity” was given you the moment your father’s sperm broke the shell of your mother’s egg and you were created and identified as either X from mom and X from dad: a female; or X from mom and Y from dad: a male. Your gender was not assigned to you or anyone else by the MD who said “It’s a girl!” (which is now what the American Medical Association claims they do). Genesis 1:27 is clear: So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

Your sex and therefore your gender was assigned to you by the Creator God who designed the whole process to begin with. Bound2TRUTH is committed to battle for the victims of this “legal” child sex trafficking industry with truth, love, compassion, support and whatever it takes to bring them to the only Jesus who can set them free and liberate them from this darkest of delusions.

And while we do that, we will fight the Medical Industrial Complex by Resisting with God’s Law through prayer, declaration, teaching and instruction with the spiritual weapons of our warfare they know nothing of and have no defense against.

And we will be Redeeming with God’s Gospel, the wounded created by the Medical Industrial Complex including all of this cartel.

Join Bound2TRUTH as we live out Psalm 147:6 together: “The LORD supports the afflicted while he casts the wicked to the ground. ISV ____________________________________________________________

Bound2TRUTH is a Colorado not-for-profit corporation that has existed since 2007. While our brothers and sisters continue to fight the ideological warfare around us through Bound4LIFE to rescue those in the womb, Bound2TRUTH is committed to take this same strategy wherever ideological lying, distorting and silencing of truth-speakers is taking place. We are the people with white tape over our mouths, with handwritten TRUTH in black, as truth is a black and white matter. We take our stand in silent prayer sieges at legislatures, gender clinics, city halls, local councils, school boards and wherever else battles are fought that favor the destruction of the innocent who survived being killed in the womb, and are now fair game for the amoral extremists among us. We are not a federal 501 (c)3 as we will not put ourselves under the control of the federal government and their ability to silence those who speak out. But to put it the way we like to at Bound2TRUTH, “we are not physically a 501 (c)3, but we identify as one.”

God bless you as you carefully consider praying for us, joining us in our silent prayer sieges, supporting us or volunteering in our efforts fighting for the lives of our birthed children as we have been fighting so many years for the lives of the preborn among us. Steve Gilbertson is the founder and president of Bound2TRUTH. He holds both bachelor’s and doctoral degrees in communication and a master’s degree in counseling and has history as a pastor for nearly 20 years.